Glass Made in RI

Glass Studio

Every Little Nook

People don't know what to expect when they approach the shop.  The sign on the street just states glassblowing.  When they peek in the door they realize there's a space where work is actually being made right in front of them and there's a whole gallery with work for sale.  The lights in the gallery and the glass pieces all sparkling like a candy shop.   "Wow!" is the most common word that comes next.  Each detail in the shop tells a story of the makers and their journey in making the work.

One day we had our friend Jacqueline Marque come and explore with her camera. This is some of what she saw.  We hope you will come in and have a look.


The Studio.

From the Street.








The flying bicycle.


Wooden tools of our past.





Where the wild things are.




Hosta and Mermaid.

Shell haul.

Catalogue of our glass dots.

Memory Lane.


Old man wind.

Measuring Tools.

Every day is summer.



Mosaic counters.

Love and Glass.